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Team Management

guide their team efficiently. The participant will be able to understand the team's needs, the expectations of his organisation and situations in which the participant acts as anintermediary between the two. This highly interactive training features regular participant activity, along with case studies and role-plays, to enhance the participant’s learning experience.

Course Duration :- 20 Hours
Upon the completion of the Informatica course, the candidates will be able to do the following:
The program will enable participants to:
• Identify the need for and importance of managing a team.
• Understand team dynamics.
• Identify the different phases of team development.
• Understand the importance of a common goal and skills to facilitate the team to work towards it.
• Identify the role of the team members.
• Recognise factors for team motivation.
• Build skills for building trust within a team.
• Learn conflict management skills
• Identify different styles of delegation.
• Build skills to delegate effectively thereby empowering team members and accelerating movement towards accomplishment of team goal.


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Introduction to Team Management

• Phases of team development

• Role of motivation in managing a team

• Building trust in teams

• Managing team conflict

• Delegation

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