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Conflict Resolution

This program examines conflict styles and allows participants to analyse their own behavior patterns. At the end of the program the participants will find new and effective techniques for managing conflict and develop coping strategies to deal with difficult people and difficult situations. This training program involves the use of activities, role plays and case studies for a comprehensive learning experience.

Course Duration :- 20 Hours
Upon the completion of the Informatica course, the candidates will be able to do the following:
The program will enable participants to:
• Identify ingredients and reasons of conflict.
• Gain inputs to arrive at a win-win situation.
• Recognise indicators of conflict resolution.
• Require changes in self-behaviour to reduce conflict.•
• Gain understanding of the varying styles of coping with a conflict. 
• Negotiate and consult properly to resolve conflict.
• Understand the importance of emotional intelligence and the part it plays in perceiving the true cause of conflict.
• Develop own personal style of reacting to conflict and begin to create a ladder of skills for resolving conflict. 


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What is Conflict?

• Willingness to resolve conflicts

• Understand the win-win approach

• Explore responses to conflict and manage emotions

• Understand empathy and its place in conflict resolution

• Assertive communication

• Power of Negotiation

• Effective use of power

• Broaden perspectives

• Tools of Conflict Resolution

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