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This program enables participants to improve his/her listening skills, prospecting technique, develop their individual style to be able to contact decision-makers. After attending the program, participants shall be in a position to successfully uncover prospect needs so they can match product or service benefits and features to those needs. It also helps him/her to overcome barriers to selling and to draft professional questions gain the prospects commitment to the call objective. The participants are trained to become experts at asking professional and credible questions - and then motivate the buyer with crisp and targeted messages.

Course Duration :-
Upon the completion of the Informatica course, the candidates will be able to do the following:
The program will enable participants to:
Understand the art of making collections through a phone call or in person.�
Understand customer’s cultural nuances.
Develop skills of effective collectors.
Identify the decision maker of their payment.
State urgency positively and make the customer understand the merit of timely payment.
Break down barriers to effective communication.
Understand the obstacles and tricks to overcome them.
Understand the importance of making notes of customers’ interactions with you.
Understand the importance of getting commitments and taking action.


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Understand culture

Understand the impact of customer to your business.Credit card and collections industry

Become an effective collector

Prepare for the call – opening and closing the call

Connectwith the customer�

Handle challenges

Create urgency but positively


Keeping commitments

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