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Assertive Communication

This program equips the participants with skills and style to clearly state their opinions and feelings as well as advocate their needs in an organisation. Although they may be able to communicate effectively, however, to move up the corporate ladder, they need to communicate in an assertive style. Here, participants will be able to make their interactions more assertively and will undergo ample opportunity to practice the same, in the form of role-plays for practical experience.

Course Duration :- 20 Hours
Upon the completion of the Informatica course, the candidates will be able to do the following:
The program will enable participants to:
Understand the communication process, different styles of communication and identify their individual style.
Develop assertive skills in verbal communication.
Identify and develop different types of assertion.
Understand the importance of synchronising thoughts, feelings and behavior for successful assertive communication.
Develop skills to maintain a positive attitude while being assertive.
Develop effective listening skills to support clear and effective communication.
Undertand different social styles and identify their preferred style.
Develop skills to deal efficiently with difficult individuals as well as tricky situations at workplace.
Identify and understand different techniques of assertive communication.


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Introduction to Communication

Basic principles of assertive behavior

Characteristics and techniques of assertive behavior

Advantage of using ‘I’ in statements

Assertive body language

Listening skills

Deal with difficult people and conflicts

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