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Vietnamese Language


With over 80 million, Vietnamese has the greatest number of speakers of any language of continental Southeast Asia. Indeed, with the exception of Indonesian, it is the most widely spoken of all Southeast Asian languages. There are significant Vietnamese communities in the countries neighboring Vietnam and also further afield, such as Russia, Germany, France, Canada and the UK. Vietnamese is the seventh most spoken language in the USA. Vietnamese historically borrowed heavily from Chinese and, more recently, from French as a result of the French colonization of Indochina. It is as a result of French influence that a customized form of the Roman script was implemented for Vietnamese, replacing the traditional use of Chinese script.

Very few Vietnamese are still able to read their language in Chinese script and there appears to be no discernible trend in terms of its revival. Vietnamese is a tonal language like the majority of the languages of continental Southeast Asia (Thai, Lao, Burmese) but unlike Khmer to which it is related – albeit with which it is mutually unintelligible. Whilst there are a number of dialects in Vietnam, the movement of people across the country since unification in 1976 has served to blur the distinctions between dialect areas, with many speakers from the north migrating to the economically more prosperous south.

Vietnamese @ Binary Talk 

Vietnamese language course at Binary Talk gives you the opportunity to study Vietnamese languages, so you can be confident using it within real life, social and business situations. No matter what your previous experience or level or Vietnamese language, Binary Talk’s Vietnamese language lessons can accommodate you. Whether you are a complete novice, looking to develop a basic level of Vietnamese language, or you are quite comfortable using the Vietnamese language but want to further knowledge of Vietnamese, Binary Talk’s lessons will benefit you. Whether your level of language; Binary Talk  has a solution for you.

Binary Talk  runs Vietnamese language course in Delhi for people varying ages and abilities. Because of close genetic links, Vietnamese and many other languages share many features, and have some similar sounds and words. This can make the study of Vietnamese languages slightly easier. Binary Talk’s Vietnamese languages course is run by highly qualified native and trainers with extensive and varied experience of teaching environments in India and the rest of the world. .

Vietnamese classes will help to build your knowledge and command of Vietnamese language and vocabulary, whilst also preparing you for real-life situations, from booking a hotel to make a business deals.

Why Vietnamese?

Language is not just a skill.

  • It is an asset.
  • Mastering Vietnamese will help broaden your knowledge of Vietnam for    personal interest and employment and business opportunities.
  • Develop an awareness of cultural difference and an understanding of  culture’s role in shaping beliefs, practices and perceptions.
Vietnamese Course
  • This business-oriented language course is to help participants learn  Vietnamese in a practical and integrated approach.
  • Participants will be exposed to the language and broaden their knowledge  of Vietnam.
  • By the end of the course, participants will acquire basic skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing.
  • They will develop more interest in Vietnam for employment and business opportunities .
Career opportunities

Translator, Interpreter, Languages teacher, Tourism, Media, Social and community work, Foreign affairs, Trade, Customs, Immigration, Aid agencies and Research assistant.

If you would like to find more information regarding our Vietnamese language course, then contact us today. Binary Talk ages is recognised as leading language Learning point in Delhi, India. Top of Form

Course Duration :- 30 Hours


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