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Italian Language


Originally Italian language is the part of the Indo-European family of the Italic subfamily of Romance group. Primarily Italian is spoken by many countries like Italian Peninsula, Southern Switzerland, Sicily, Sardinia, and the northeastern area of Adriatic Sea with North and South America. Being a single Italian Language, throughout the era of the development of Italian language, many dialects have moved up with native speakers as a pure Italian speaker.

Italian is the official language of Italy with more than 90% of native speakers and population, 50% population use regional dialect as the mother tongue. Friulian dialect is spoken by 600,000 people in Northeast of Italy, which is around 1% of the population, other languages like Ladin, Slovene, German and Albanian are spoken in .2% of the population in southern part of Italy.

At the start of every language class, our native trainer understands the student need or requirement of learning the language. Then they create the course structure according to the student capability of obtaining the new language. There are lots of exercises, role plays, speech topic, discussion topics and many more activities through which a student learn the language more quickly and easily.

Course Duration :- 30 Hours


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