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Indonesian Language


A relatively less used but quite interesting is a language popularly known as Bahasa or to the outside world as Indonesian. It is the official language of Indonesia. Most Indonesians speak this although there are over 700 languages colloquial languages in Indonesia. The Indonesian language has an extremely important role in the Republic of Indonesia, where it serves as the official national language and acts as a unifying force as the common tool of communication in a country where hundreds of languages coexist.

The Indonesian language is technically a dialect of the Malay language, a member of the Indonesian branch of the Austronesian, or Malayo-Polynesian, language family. The Indonesian language, also known as Bahasa Indonesia, traces its roots back to the literary Malay language that was used by royals in the Riau-Jambi region of Sumatra.

Today, Indonesia has opened up trade and tourism to the entire world and thus enjoys a global reputation of being a unique country. Even the demand for Indonesian has risen over the last couple of decades.

On a lighter note, Indonesia is quite a large country consisting of 17,508 islands. Out of these, only 6,000 are inhabited by people. Owing to its geographical span, it covers three time zones. Interesting? Why not come to BINARY TALK today and enroll for a crash course in Indonesian.

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