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Chinese Language


Chinese is the combination of 7 dialects, Mandarin, Cantonese, Hakka, Wu, Min, Xiang, and Gan. Mandarin is the main official language of China and Pŭtōnghuà is the common language. Cantonese is the common language spoken in Hong Kong and overseas communities of China.

The language of China is not understandable from the sociological and political point of view. Many of these dialects are composed of non-mutually varieties. At first, go learning Chinese dialect seems difficult to learn and speak. There are about 50,000 words in the Chinese language. The sounds of Chinese are different from English consonants and vowels with new and modified sounds.

We encourage our each student and help them to learn the new language in a fun way. While the whole program, you will get the chance to attend the various workshops, Plays and much more. Our Instructors has designed the course structure in a way in which you can learn Grammar, Pronouns, and Prepositions, making sentences, Greetings, Numbers, Writing and Reading Skills.

Course Duration :- 30 HoursChinese Language Language


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