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Burmese Language


A less known language among the Asiatic languages, Burmese is a language that is popular in Burma and some countries surrounding it. Some provinces of Thailand and some parts of India speak Burmese. There are a good number of Burmese people in Singapore who are trying to revive the language and trying to make its presence felt in the global scenario. Since it has opened its doors to greet global travelers and businesses a few years ago, Burma (Myanmar) has experienced significant growth in its economy, thanks to a steep rise in business and tourism activities. As interest in the country has grown, the demand for Burmese language classes has also risen sharply.

BINARY TALK international is the best Burmese Language institute in Delhi. Here at Binary Talk we engage our students in interactive sessions and train them in a manner that will enable them to handle situations at a later point in life. Our training methods include interactive role play sessions and we also use additional tools such as books, DVD’s and pen drives which contain loads of practice exercises. These exercises improve spontaneous vocabulary and also increase their speed of response. Our trainers are not only Indian but also native so as to give an over enriching experience of training to our students.

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