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Urdu Language


Urdu, closely akin to Hindi, is the national language of Pakistan, the official language in the state of Jammu and Kashmir in India, and an officially recognized language in many states of India. Worldwide, there are over 65 million speakers of Urdu- mainly in India and Pakistan, but also in numerous diasporic communities. Since Urdu is written in the Perso-Arabic script, as are the other written languages of Pakistan, learning Urdu facilitates access to these other languages as well.

The Urdu language course at Binary Talk has 6 levels [elementary (A1 & A2), Intermediate (B1 & B2) and Advanced (C1 & C2)] of language instruction, in addition to which related courses on various aspects of Urdu literary culture are occasionally offered. Elementary classes focus on language learning, while Intermediate students apply their language skills mainly to reading various types of texts, including historical materials and various literary genres. The readings for these advanced courses are mainly determined based on the interests and proficiency levels of the students.



Urdu is the national language of Pakistan and is also spoken in parts of India. It is mutually intelligible with Hindi though they differ in their writing systems and in their higher level of vocabulary. Given the mutual intelligibility, the combined number of speakers of Urdu and Hindi is the fourth largest in the world. As well as being the key to unlocking the knowledge of modern Pakistani culture and society to the student, an understanding of Urdu in the Perso-Arabic script allows the student access to the largest collection of work on Islamic literature after that in Arabic.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the Urdu language major students should be able to:
Express themselves well in a formal, neutral or informal register,  appropriate to the situation and to the people to whom one is speaking.

  • Read and understand newspapers and other texts in Urdu.
  • Engage with authenticating Urdu language media.
  • Write in Urdu in the Perso-Arabic script in the appropriate style using the  correct grammar and the vocabulary appropriate the genre, contents, and  audience
  • Write, perform and record presentations or interviews in Urdu either individually or in cooperative groups, and answer questions based on those performances or interviews.
  • Instruction in reading and writing the Urdu script.
  • Development of advanced conversational skills in Urdu
  • Advanced discussion of Urdu grammatical usage and literary style.
  • Comprehension of lectures given in Urdu.

While Hindi and Urdu may be considered different languages at the literary formal register, they are more or less the same language, Hindi/Urdu, at the colloquial spoken level.

Course catalogue description

Listening, Speaking, Writing, Reading, Development of communicative competence.

While Hindi and Urdu may be considered different languages at the literary formal register, they are more or less the same language, Hindi/Urdu, at the colloquial spoken level.

Class description

This course is designed to give a basic knowledge of Urdu to beginners with little or no prior experience with the language. Students will learn the basics of proper use of the language to greet a person according to his/her age, religion, status; to introduce self and others; exchange information about families, home, interests; to talk about daily routine, tell time and give the date and day. By the end of the level, students well feel comfortable with the thematic vocabularies and the basic sentence structures of Urdu. This Hindi script will be introduced right from the beginning and the Urdu script in the intermediate level. Students will also learn about South Asian family structure; social customs; popular culture; use of proper language (formal/informal) in different situations.

Lecture 50%
Film/Video 5%
Discussion 15%
Small Group activities 10%
Students presentations 10%
Demonstration 10%


Course Duration :- 30 Hours


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