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App Development using AngularJS for Professionals

Students will learn the skills necessary to become a Back-End Engineer, Front-End Engineer, or a Full-Stack Engineer. After completing the courses, you will be able to design web pages for both static and dynamic websites with latest technologies. You can opt for HTML5 training course, LAMP Developer training course or WAMP Developer training course among others. The package also includes courses on Android Application Testing, App Development using AngularJS for Professionals, Professional Web Designing with HTML & CSS, Object Oriented JavaScript, Bootstrap Framework, Koenig Course for JavaScript and jQuery, Ruby on Rails 4.0 and JavaScript and HTML5: Develop Web Application.

Course Duration :- 40 hours
Upon the completion of the Informatica course, the candidates will be able to do the following:
Using AngularJS templates effectively
Querying and modifying data in multiple databases and becoming skilled with the API
Rapidly creating intricate forms
Understanding two-way (reciprocal) data binding
Introducing navigation functionality in web applications
Managing dependencies with Injection systems
Localizing web applications to cater to international audiences
Securing web applications from threats and malicious users
Building various AngularJS directives
Understanding the compiler for building better and more advanced directives
Using the testing framework (Jasmine BDD) to test the web applications
Structuring the web application using the robust directory structure
Structuring, writing, and lastly deploying the application


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Video Lessons

Modules / Levels

1 Introduction

• Structure to understand

• Set Up Development Environment

2 Architectural design patterns

• MVC& MVVM pattern

• Controller

• Model

• View

3 First AngularJS App

• Introduction

• Using AngularJS

• Applying Angular JS to the HTML file

• Hello World App

• Round Trip and Single Page Applications

4 Built-In Directives, Filters and Events

• Data Binding and expression

• Inbuilt Directives

• Angular Events

• Handling Events

• Iterating Over Data

• Working with Filters

• Sorting and Formatting Data

5 Views, Module and Controllers

• Role of Module

• Creating and working with modules

• Working with Scope

• Dependency Injection in Angular

• Role of Controllers

• Adding a Controllers to a Module

6 Application Structure, templating and Routing

• Application Directory Structure

• Routing Overview

• Configuring Routing

• Ng-view Directive

7 A real Application

• Creating Application Skelton

App Development using


• Creating Multiple Views

• Creating Partial Views

• Adding Navigation

• Adding Data

• Appling Bootstrap for styling

8 Angular Form

• Form directives

• Angular Form validation

9 Custom Directive and Filters

• Creating Custom Filters

• Transclusion

• Creating Custom Directives

• Creating Complex Directives

10 Working with Services and Factory

• Creating Services

• Built-In Services

• Working with Ajax and Promises

• Consuming the Promises

• Working with Rest

• Route and URL Services

11 UI and Animation

• Animation in Angular

• Working ngAnimation Module

12 Services for Testing

• Working with Karma and Jasmine

• Understanding the Mock Objects

• Testing a Controller

• Using a Controller

• Using the Mock Objects

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