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OrCAD is implemented by organizations across the world, and therefore there is a high requirement of proficient and expert professionals having extensive knowledge about working with OrCAD. You too can become a part of this growing community by getting OrCAD training from one of the best training institutes in Delhi-NCR, Expert InGlobe.

Course Duration :- 40 hours
Upon the completion of the Informatica course, the candidates will be able to do the following:
OrCAD Capture schematic can use for Printing purpose, Analysis purpose and PCB design purpose. OrCAD Capture has Utility tools for component creation and customization, library creation and customization and has ITC (Inter tool Communication) facility to


Accredited Training Partner

To teach real programming skills

Build a solid understanding

Educated Staff


Video Lessons

Modules / Levels

Content we are covering of OrCAD Capture CIS

Introduction to OrCAD Capture

Introduction to component database

How to place the parts in the design

Connecting the parts with wire, bus, net alias and power symbol in the design

How to modify the properties of the parts (Property Editor)

How to edit the physical appearance of the parts (Part Editor)

How to create a new library

How to create a new part

How to work in Multi sheet projects

How to make connectivity between schematic pages

OrCAD Layout Plus (Printed circuit board designing software)

OrCAD LAYOUT is highly reliable and flexible tool for PCB design.

Software Features

supports PCB design for specific schematic or without schematic development.

has huge standard library for pads and footprints.

capable to create customized Pin/Pad, Hole and Via Pad designer.

capable to create customized Symbol/Footprint Package Symbol.

capable to create customized PCB layout design Mechanical symbol.

capable to do PCB floor planning for component placement.

capable to define Keeping and Keep for package and Routing - Board.

capable to define Spacing constraint between various design elements Constraint Manager.

capable to define Physical constraint for each and every net Constraint Manager.

capable to define upto 100 conducting layers such as conductor (Routing) and plane Xsection.

won't allow doing any mistake while designing PCB

Content we are covering of OrCAD Layout Plus

Transferring capture file to a board file

How to create customized Footprint

How to create a new board file

How to assign number of layers for routing (X section)

Component placement (Manual and Auto)

Setting up the design constraints (Constraint manager)

Routing the design (Manual and Auto)

Routing and placing techniques

Back Annotation

How to generate the artwork file (Manufacturing Process)

PCB etching methods

OrCAD PSpice (Electronic circuit simulation software)

Modifying Schematic for Simulation

PSpice Netlist creation

Error identification and rectification (DRC Markers)

Creation and configuration of Simulation profile.

Bias Point analysis (To display DC bias values)

Transient analysis (Time domain Response)

Single Window, Single window with multiple Y-axis, Split window and Multi window representation

Parametric analysis (Design response variation with respect to Design element parameters)

DC Sweep analysis (Design response variation with respect to DC parameters)

AC Sweep analysis (Design response variation with respect to Frequency)

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