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AVR μC Training

AVR �C training imparts the knowledge and skills to work on Advanced Virtual RISC (AVR) microcontroller. The course focuses on the deliver on fundamental concepts and equipping the candidates with the skills required to develop microcontroller based systems. This comprehensive course provides complete details about Atmel's AVR microcontroller technology, including the pin diagram, architecture, interrupts and timers, and assembly language. Participants also learn about the I/O device interface covering ADC, SPI protocol, TWi and others. Hands-on exposure on AVR studio, WINAVR C, Code Vision AVR is also enclosed in the training program.

Course Duration :- 40 hours


Accredited Training Partner

To teach real programming skills

Build a solid understanding

Educated Staff


Video Lessons

Modules / Levels

1. Introduction

Introduction of Embedded System

Evolution in Microcontroller technology

Past, Present & Future of Embedded System

2. Microcontroller ATMEL ATmega8515/ATmega32

Hardware Details

Pin Diagram

AVR Architecture

Interrupts and Timers

Microcontroller AVR Assembly Language

AVR Studio

3. Assembly Language

Assembly Language of AVR Microcontroller

Use of Assemblers & Simulator

Programming for AVR

Examples programs for AVR

4. IO Device Interface and practical

Study of Input Output Devices

LED Display,7-Segment

DIP Switch

Intelligent LCD Display

Matrix Keyboard

Opto-Isolators, Relay

Stepper Motors and Types of Stepper Motors

Serial Communication Concepts

Practices on interfacing circuits

5. Advance IO


SPI Protocol


Serial Memory

On chip Peripherals PWM

6. Advance assemble and C Language

Preprocessor directives

Inline assembly in C

Calling of Assembly function in C

Convert all Assembly Program in C

AVR Studio, WINAVR C, Code Vision AVR

7. Conclusion

Latest trends in embedded fields

Introduction to In Circuit Emulators

Introduction to JTAG debug interface

Introduction to RTOS

8. Projects

Projects in Embedded System using AVR

Electronic Voting Machine

Robotic ARM

Remotely Controlled Application

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