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AWS SysOps Engineering Training

AWS SysOps Engineering training develops the technical expertise in deployment, management, operations on highly scalable and fault tolerant systems on the AWS platform. The training will expand the learning curve to identify and gather requirements for deploying operations by executing the best practices throughout the lifecycle of a project. Key features and its usage of Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Elastic Load Balancing, and Auto Scaling are covered under this industry-oriented course curriculum. The participants will take a deep dive into the skills of monitoring the AWS services while managing the resource consumption.

Course Duration :- 40 hours
Upon the completion of the Informatica course, the candidates will be able to do the following:
Illustrate the use of standard AWS infrastructure features from the command line
Use AWS Cloud Formation and other automation technologies to produce, edit, and troubleshoot stacks of AWS resources
Use the AWS Management Console to build a functioning of virtual private networks with Amazon VPC
Deploy and troubleshoot the most common problems with EC2 instances
Manage security in the cloud by controlling user identity and AWS permissions
Use tools like Amazon Cloud Watch, tagging, and Trusted Advisor to manage resource consumption


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Video Lessons

Modules / Levels

Module 1:

Course Overview

Module 2:

VPC: Building Your Network Foundation

Module 3:

VPC: Configuration

Module 4:

VPC: Security Groups and NACLs

Module 5:

VPC: Configuring VPN Connections

Module 6:

VPC: Designing for High Availability

Module 7:

EC2: Instance Types and Performance Implications

Module 8:

EBS: Understanding EBS

Module 9:

EBS: Snapshot Backup and Replication

Module 10

EBS: Getting More Speed and IOPS

Module 11:

S3: Understanding the Properties of S3

Module 12:

S3: Securing S3 Buckets

Module 13:

S3: Website Hosting from S3

Module 14:

ELB: Elastic Load Balancer Concepts

Module 15:

ELB: Elastic Load Balancer Implementation

Module 16:

AutoScaling: Key AWS AutoScaling Concepts

Module 17:

DNS: Understanding Route 53 Capabilities

Module 18:

DNS: Route 53 Configuration

Module 19:

IAM: Understanding IAM Concepts

module 20:

IAM: A Walkthrough IAM

Module 21:

Monitoring: Understanding and Configuring CloudWatch

Module 22:

Backups: Understanding EBS, S3, and RDS Backup Options

Module 23:

RDS: Understanding RDS Foundations

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